How It Works

How It Works

We Search For the Best in Black Hair Products!

Every month Black Hair Does Grow’s experts travel across the country (we like to start local first) and scours the internet to find the best products – (many home-based businesses), so that you don’t have to. We will bring you the best deals on the market, straight to your door. There are many ‘kitchen table entrepreneurs’ out there who have started up because they’re sick of buying big name brand products – which aren’t doing anything for them, their hair, their skin or their health. This website is a platform to bring two groups together – the men and women who want to improve their hair care techniques and those who have dedicated years to making those very products!

If you want to experience new, really good products each month – watch the short video explanation as to how the site works: For subscribers

If you are a supplier of great hair care products and want to partner with us – watch the short video explanation as to how the site works: For makers / manufacturers

A Unique Experience Each Month

You Choose your Time:
1 Month, 4 Months or Annual

Whether you love Hair Oil, Hair Cream, Hair Treatments, or Hair Leave In Conditioners, we’ll send you a hair kit box filled with some or all of the above every month, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them each month!

Feel Gorgeous, Look Fabulous!

Discover the best kept secrets on the market. In fact, many of our products haven’t even MADE it to the market because our home-based entrepreneurs are locked out. If you can’t get your product onto the shelves of your local hair shop…. how are people ever going to know about you? It’s difficult. This is why our service was born. We’ll bring to your door all of the newest products on the market. GOOD natural products which will help you.

Join our growing list of BHDG subscribers who have found a way to discover the greatest black hair care products every month, straight to their door!

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