You may have heard of the revolutionary new digestible hair care line which is taking the MLM Network Marketing industry by storm. The products are by FLOW Industry and its currently being shipped directly by FLOW HQ in the USA to USA addresses only. If you live in the USA, do take a look at the American website: www.UK.MyFlowIndustry.com

NON-US people… read on…

grow with the flow product kit ukmyflowindustryThere are 7 products in the range – 4 drinks, 2 scalp treatments and 1 vitamin.

Results do vary, and its best to try 2-3 products at a time, and allow at least 45-60 days for results. The results have been remarkable, and the scalp serum has been clinically proven. These products are suitable for men and women and all hair types.

We stock all 7 products. And we ship globally.

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The products are listed below, with a buy now button. Allow up to 3 days for delivery. If you have any queries, please email us: info@blackhairdoesgrow.com or phone +44 (0)7801 371299 if you need any help, support or advice.

The specific ingredients contain in the drinks is here in the ingredients list: INGREDIENTSv4 ukflow

The whole idea behind the FLOW concept is that the healthy hair journey starts from within. You start with the detox tea. Drink that for 2 weeks daily. If you have weak edges / hairline, then apply the topical scalp serum and prelixir daily. The PretTea tea is then drank daily. The Vitagrow vitamins are taken daily, and the Grow on the Grow pretty pink drink is drank daily. Results vary, but expect to see an improvement within 45-60 days.

If you love what you are seeing, reading, experiencing and you want to get involved more, there is a business opportunity attached. You can join as a distributor at the American website, and sell these products for yourself. Salon owners, hairdressers, men, women, people who have achieved results for themselves and their clients have all joined here at: www.UK.MyFlowIndustry.com   Note: You will need an American address and an SSN number. Contact us on whats app / viber / or by email, and we’ll guide you as to what to use.


The tea is £40 plus £3 p&p. The vitamins and scalp treatment are £45 plus £3 p&p. The milkshake is £95 plus £3 p&p. All items are sent recorded delivery. Allow up to 3 days for delivery. Call +44(0)7801 371 299 if you have any queries.

BeauTEAFul Hairtox Tea – hair growth

 Recommended to drink for 2 weeks. Hairtox tea was created to rid the body of toxins using carefully selected herbs  while preparing the body for the opportunity to properly absorb the nutrients for healthy hair growth. In order for the body to absorb nutrients , it has to be cleansed first. You want to start off with a clean surface, giving the body the chance to do its job with a little boost. Making you beauTEAful one cup at a time.

£40.00 + £3 p&p paypal payments


PretTea Tea- hair growth tea drink

 Formulated to facilitate healthy stronger hair from the inside out. They synergy of ingredients will relax the spirit while delivering the nutrients to the body that it needs for longer, stronger, and healthier hair. Each ingredient was chosen for its unique healthy hair properties. Taken in conjunction with one our amazing products, you will see even more beneficial and amazing result. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy being PRETTEA. 30 bags (one months supply). See results within 45 days.

£40.00 + £3 p&p paypal payments


Vitagrow – hair vitamins

Vitagrow Hair Vitamins are proven to promote noticeable hair growth from the inside out. Vitagrow provides the proprietary nutrients essential for the body. By infusing a herbal blend such as Silica and amino acids like L-Cysteine,MSM and Biotin all necessary for the body to reach its optimal growing potential. 60 capsules. One months supply.

£45.00 + £3 p&p paypal payments


Grow On The Go – hair growth biotin drink

 Grow on the Go supplement drink tastes great and with 500mcg of biotin and over 1500mg of our beauty complex, you can drink your way to healthy longer stronger hair and more radiant skin. Whether you are pressed for time or just want to add additional supplements to you Healthy Hair and Beauty Journey, Grow on the Go is your answer. Just mix and Go. Its that simple.One months supply.

£45.00 + £3 p&p paypal payments


GroLixir – hair growth scalp treatment

Growlixir is an innovative cosmetic ingredient, formed by the balanced association of two functional compounds. The uniqueness of this blend is based on the complementary actions of two active substances. This product is clinically proven to help in the prevention of hair loss and the regrowth of healthy hair. When used properly, you will see a difference in the condition of your scalp and the growth of your hair.

£45.00 + £3 p&p paypal payments


Prelixir – scalp hair regrowth 

 PRELIXIR uses specially blended AHA (Alpha Hydroxy) Fruit Acids to cleanse the scalp and area surrounding the hair follicles. Next the exclusive Cayenne Pepper Extract may revitalize and nourish dormant hair follicles, preparing them for the bodies natural regrowth cycle. This provides the optimum environment for the new hair as it emerges from the scalp. Instructions: Use up to 15 drops on the scalp and area that needs to be treated  daily. If being used in conjunction with GROLIXIR, use for 2 days and on the 3rd day add the GROLIXIR as well.

£45.00 + £3 p&p paypal payments

Shake and Grow – Hair Growth Milkshake

The Shake and Grow hair growth milkshake was just released by Flow Industry in August 2016 and is groundbreaking in that it is the first ever hair growth milk shake. It is trademarked with the name

TRIVITAZYN™  which is their unique hair growth formula.

£95.00 + £3 p&p paypal payments