Do you need to restore your edges / hairline ??

Losing your hairline at the forehead or at the sides is a very common problem especially with black women.If Naomi Campbell can suffer… (a £10,000 a day top supermodel with an army of stylists and hairdressers), then I think it can happen to any of us!!

no edges naomi double picIt can be a difficult and troubling situation. The cause could be due to tight hair stying methods. eg. Tight plaits / braids, or harsh use of chemical relaxer treatments, or it could be due to excessive heat or rough handling when applying weave caps and the glue has lifted off the skin and the hair when weave has been removed.

But, whatever the reason, lets focus on possible treatments and solutions.

  1. Scalp massages are said to be good to aid blood circulation
  2. Red light treatment – focus red heat light on the problem spot
  3. Electic stimulation – can get the nodes to start firing up again to regrow
  4. Castor oil, cayenne pepper and essential oils such as peppermint are said to be good treatments.

We’re offering a 2-step process to treat frayed edges and weak hairlines. 1. The Grolixir and 2. The Prelxir.

GROLIXIRGrolixir is an innovative cosmetic ingredient, formed by the balanced association of two functional compounds. The uniqueness of this blend is based on the complementary actions of two active substances. This product is clinically proven to help in the prevention of hair loss and the regrowth of healthy hair. When used properly, you will see a difference in the condition of your scalp and the growth of your hair. The bottle is 60ml.

£45.00 + £3 p&p paypal payments


PRELIXIR uses specially blended AHA (Alpha Hydroxy) Fruit Acids to cleanse the scalp and area surrounding the hair follicles. Next the exclusive Cayenne Pepper Extract may revitalize and nourish dormant hair follicles, preparing them for the bodies natural regrowth cycle. This provides the optimum environment for the new hair as it emerges from the scalp. Instructions: Use up to 15 drops on the scalp and area that needs to be treated  daily. If being used in conjunction with GROLIXIR, use for 2 days and on the 3rd day add the GROLIXIR as well.

£45.00 + £3 p&p paypal payments


EDGES OFFER – Buy both items for £90 plus £5 postage.

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You don’t have to have bald patches or missing hair anymore. Real people. Real results. Note, best used in conjunction with the other FLOW products (tea, vitamins). Results may vary – but give it 45-60 days minimum.

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